Plaster Fix

Plaster Fix Services

There’s nothing worse than sub-standard plaster on your walls or ceilings. Even small sections can completely destroy the appearance of a room. Don’t worry, though, as there is professional help available from our team at Omega Interior Lining.

If you’re in Auckland or Waikato, you can use our plaster repair services. This means we’ll visit your property and will repair the plaster using the most appropriate method. The end result will be a wall or ceiling with perfect and ultra-smooth plaster that’s ready for decorating.

We handle any size of project as we adopt the motto that no plaster fix job is too big or too small. Our plaster repair specialists are all highly skilled and they have extensive experience in the industry. In fact, we’re the best in the business.

Our prices are affordable too. Call today to find out more about our plaster fix services.

Types of Plaster Repairs

There are lots of things that can go wrong with the plaster on the walls and ceilings of your home. The causes of these problems can include wear and tear, water damage, and physical damage.

That said, many problems with plaster originate with a below-par installation. This can take time to become visual but when it does, the results are not pleasant – crumbling, split, cracked, or flaking plaster.

The plaster repair method we will use to fix your plaster will depend on the cause and nature of the problem. Our objective will always be to deliver the highest standard of service at a price that is within your budget.

How We Work

We will first visit your home to inspect the problematic plaster. This will give us an understanding of the scale of the problem as well as the probable cause.
Once we know the cause we can give you advice on the best remedy. This could be patching up a small area, replacing the plasterboard and plastering in a large section, or re-doing the entire wall or ceiling if we see the problem spreading.
You’ll get a free, no-obligation quote from us which will have a fixed price.
On-site, we’ll first remove the problem plaster and will carry out any necessary repairs to the wall or ceiling.
We’ll then apply the new plasterboard and plaster.
Finally, we’ll tidy up the work area before checking you are happy with the finish.

Why You Should Call Us

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Attention to detail
  • Highly experienced team
  • Professional customer service

Get a free, no-obligation quote today for plaster repairs by calling 021 042 2277.